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body sculpting technology

SleekSculpt™ Products

Our product range was specially developed by some of South Africa’s leading scientists to treat cellulite, promote lymphatic flow, tighten the skin and bring back its natural glow. The best possible ingredients were sourced, allowing our products to compete head on with some of the world’s most exclusive ranges.

SleekSculpt Body Peel

SleekSculpt Body Peel is a unique, nontoxic, Alpha Hydroxyl Acid formulation.

The product achieves:

  • Removes dead skin
  • Increases permeability
  • Improves penetration of active ingredients
  • Smoothens skin
  • Breaks down acid bumps
  • Encourages collagen production and cell renewal


SleekSculpt Slimming Gel

SleekSculpt Slimming Gel contains natural active ingredients which cause blood and lymphatic vessels to dilate. This state is optimal for the removal of excessive fluid and metabolic waste found in fat cells.

The ingredients also promote fat break down and its removal.

The product achieves:

  • Improves nutrient and oxygen supply to skin
  • Strengthens skin
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Strengthens weak capillaries
  • Reduces stretch marks and pigmentation


SleekSculpt Body Moisturiser

SleekSculpt Moisturiser is specially formulated to complete the SleekSculpt treatment.

The product is rich with ingredients offering benefits far exceeding just hydration.

The product achieves:

  • Anti-oxidation
  • Promotes lymphatic flow
  • PH balancing
  • Reduced pigmentation
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Tone elastin fibres
  • Deep hydration