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body sculpting technology

SleekSculpt™ with Cryotherapy


Our Cryotherapy treatments uses liquid nitrogen vapour at -160º C to stimulate the skin. The treatment was developed to treat serious inflammatory diseases but has become popular as a wellness treatment.

At this extreme cold, the body reacts with profound physiological responses such as:

  • Dilating blood vessels by up to 400%, improving blood flow to cells.
  • Decreases inflammation in the skin and tissue
  • Detoxifying skin and tissue
  • Releasing hormones such as Beta-Endorphins which relieve pain

Sleeksculpt™ with Cryo

An essential part of removing toxins and dislodged lipids from the system is for the skin and tissue to achieve a stimulated state. Cryotherapy does not only stimulate the skin and expand capillaries it also has a degenerative effect on fat cells.

The SleekSculpt™ with Cryo treatment offers up to 30% improved results.

Cryotherapy is offered at select SleekSculpt partners, enquire when booking.