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What are Lymph nodes?

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Lymph nodes are specialised masses of tissue situated along the pathways of the lymphatic system. These bean-shaped masses of tissue, filters the lymph fluid before it enters the blood.

Lymph nodes serve two major functions in the body. They filter lymph and assist the immune system in building an immune response.

Lymph nodes can be found technically in all areas of the body. There are approximately 600 lymph nodes which act filters and sieves out harmful substances.

Why are we telling you this? 

If you have a poor diet and do not exercise enough, your lymphatic system becomes compromised. This means that after your tissue has received nutrients from the blood, it is unable to get rid of all the metablic waste through the lymphatic system.

Many people live with compromised lymphatic system. Cellulite formation and water retention are typical signs of this state.

What is the function of the lymphatic system?

Where blood distributes nutrients and oxygen to your tissue, your lymphatic system removes the metabolic waste that is produced. It is described as your body’s garbage removal system. It also plays a vital part in the functioning of the immune system.

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